About Total Home

Total Home Improvements was founded in 1991 by brothers Gene and Randy Firth. Gene was a real estate agent, working for a builder/developer. Randy had recently gotten out of a business with his father. In his business, Gene had discovered that many people who were selling their homes needed repairs done before they could close. They were looking for someone who could do all of the miscellaneous repairs without having to call numerous companies.

Today, Total Home Improvements is one of the largest home improvement companies on the Peninsula.

With approximately 30 employees, as well as many subcontractors who work for them daily, their service area now includes the Peninsula and Southside as well as Williamsburg. The fleet of more than 25 vehicles, all bearing the original white and teal colors, has become a recognizable brand in the region.

After more than 30 years in business, they still have the same integrity and strive to make each customer feel like the only customer.

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