About Total Home

Total Home Improvements was established in 1991 by the Firth brothers, Gene and Randy. At that time, Gene was working as a real estate agent for a builder/developer, where he realized that many homeowners needed essential repairs before closing the deals on their properties. These homeowners were seeking a single source to handle a variety of repair tasks without the hassle of contacting multiple companies.

Today, Total Home Improvements has grown to become one of the largest home improvement companies in the Peninsula area. With an employee base of around 30 individuals and a network of dedicated subcontractors, they now serve a broad geographic area that includes the Peninsula, Southside, Gloucester, and Williamsburg. Their distinctive fleet of over 25 vehicles, all adorned with the original white and teal colors, has become a recognizable brand throughout the region.

Even after more than three decades in the industry, their commitment to integrity remains steadfast, and they continue to prioritize individualized customer service to make each client feel truly valued.

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