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People opt to expand their homes for a variety of reasons. One prevalent motivation is to accommodate a parent within their residence. This offers the advantage of proximity, enabling individuals to keep a watchful eye on their loved ones while allowing them to maintain their independence. These additions are commonly referred to as “in-law suites,” typically featuring a bedroom with a sitting area and an accessible bathroom. They may also incorporate amenities like a kitchenette or patio. In some cases, they include a separate entrance to provide Mom or Dad with the freedom to come and go as they wish, further promoting their independence.

Conversely, another emerging trend involves adult children, sometimes with their spouses and children, moving in. This arrangement falls under the category of multi-generational housing, a concept with a long history in many cultures. such living situations may be temporary, such as when a person is pursuing further education or embarking on a new career, and they leverage this housing setup during the transitional period. In other instances, this choice is driven by practical financial considerations.

Additionally, a sought-after addition is a master bedroom and bathroom. In many older homes, these elements weren’t as highly valued as they are today. Many homeowners adore everything about their homes except for their existing bedroom and bathroom setup. We have the capability to design a space that accommodates modern, larger furniture, with spacious walk-in closets and bathrooms that evoke a sense of luxury. Have you ever considered transforming a one-story rancher into a two-story dwelling? In many cases, this can be accomplished without necessitating a move.

No matter the type of addition, we have the expertise to design a seamless, fully functional space that seamlessly blends with the existing structure. So, if you cherish your current location, your neighbors, or your local schools, and wish to avoid the hassle of moving, why not consider an addition and remodel? It may well be the most practical and sensible solution.