Total Home Improvements, founded in 1991 by siblings Gene and Randy Firth, had its origins in the real estate and construction industry. Gene, a real estate agent with a builder/developer, observed that many homeowners required various repairs before closing deals on their properties. They sought a one-stop solution to address these miscellaneous repairs without the hassle of engaging multiple contractors.

The Firth brothers, drawing upon their background in contracting and Gene’s industry knowledge, initially understood these repair projects during weekends and evenings. As demand grew, they soon realized the need to hire additional help, leading to the decision to transform their venture into a full-time business.

Transitioning from secure employment, especially for Gene with a wife and two young children, was a challenging choice. However, their conviction in business growth and their principles drove them to take this leap of faith. Their unwavering commitment to hiring trustworthy, professional individuals and reinvesting in their business remained constant throughout
their journey.

Despite the initial limited resources, they invested in branding by painting their fleet of vehicles in distinctive white and teal colors. This move paid off as people began to recognize their trucks around the area. The addition of a visible office location marked a turning point, helping them attract more customers. Their interest in larger projects, including remodeling, additions, and new home construction, led Gene to obtain a Class A contractor’s license. Their reputation for quality work quickly expanded their clientele.

As their business evolved, they hired more staff to manage and supervise the increasingly complex and time-consuming projects. Subcontractors became essential to cover various trades on larger jobs.