New Construction

While our reputation as a top-tier remodeler on the peninsula is well known, what might not be as widely recognized is our expertise in new construction. Whether you’re in search of your very first home or envisioning a custom residence that could become your forever haven, we possess the ability to craft a home tailored to your unique vision.

No matter the type of home you’re contemplating, there’s a strong likelihood that we’ve previously constructed something akin to it. Our extensive selection of plans is at your disposal, or we can work collaboratively to fashion an adapted design that precisely suits your needs.

One thing you can count on is the delivery of a high-quality home at an unbeatable value. Additionally, we extend the offer of complimentary 3D design services for our projects, enabling you to gain a comprehensive understanding of what we have to offer. We invite you to grant us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities.

View New Home Plans Here.

You can also view some of our most recent New Construction pics by clicking the thumbnails below.