Thinking of Remodeling the Kitchen?

Thinking of remodeling the kitchen? Want to spruce up the function, or maybe just the look? Here are some tips to help you start envisioning the kitchen of your dreams:

1. Open Storage Shelves – Open storage shelves are a great way to show off your most eye-catching kitchenware to friends and neighbors. This simple installation can bring a lot of pop to a simple wall.

2. Knobs and Grips – Remodeling the grips and knobs are a great way to improve both the style and the functions of your kitchen cabinets.

3. Over the Sink Storage – A great way to save space and show off your tools of the trade is an overhead storage installation. Hang pots, pans, cutlery, or even glasses just an arm’s reach above you with this efficient yet attractive piece of kitchen hardware.

4. Antique Cabinets – Old is the new “new”. When remodeling, consider getting creative with those old thrift shop finds and the gifts from Grandma. They may be just what your kitchen is missing.

5. Kitchen Color – A nice, color neutral kitchen is a good investment, but why not make you kitchen feel like your own with a splash of color. Painted walls, trim, or tinted windows should be up for debate in your next remodeling.

For those of you in the Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Newport News areas – whether you’re ready to remodel today, or you’re still looking for more great ideas, call Total Home Improvements today.

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