Victory Church Reference Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Please receive this letter of recommendation for the outstanding work that Total Home Improvement completed for our church. After a series of three months decisionmaking our board of directors and our executive staff decided to embark on an incredible renovation project. Our quarter million project entailed retrofitting a commercial grade preschool building into our existing church structure.

In theory, this sounded like a great idea yet in practice it was a very difficult project. We needed a construction company that understood our preschool renovation needs for a 10-15 year life cycle. We envisioned that our preschool would be built to the
commercial standards of the Goddard School or the Primrose School franchises. We hired a preschool director from Houston, Texas who previously led a Primrose School and was familiar with the high standards we were leaning towards. What was lacking was our physical structure.

When our project went to public bid Total Home Improvement continued to surface as the champion.

Total Home Improvement not only met but exceeded our wildest expectations. We needed a retrofitted commercial grade preschool demoed and constructed in 45 days and ready for September. We knew July and August would be busy. Given these restrains Total Home Improvement was phenomenal. They gave us a timeline and a production schedule that they followed with military precision. The quality of work and craftsmanship that they presented was over and above that of Goddard or Primrose. What struck me about Total Home Improvement was their reason and common sense. Their management and construction teams we’re so easy to work with and so comfortable that I left for a 14 day vacation in the middle of the project. I didn’t even think twice about their level of professionalism and what the promised finished product would look like.

Upon returning from my vacation I was completely blown away by the attention to detail, quality of construction, and the care of the decision-making process. Multiple times I heard the management team say, “We are building a preschool that my children
would attend”. Our parents and our staff love the look and feel of the newly branded Victory School and they should, because, it’s a beautiful school.

As a strategic and visionary pastor my suggestion to you would simply be this –- Stop your search process, hire total home-improvement, and wait to be amazed at what your building will look like. Because I was and every day I continue to be, well, simply amazed. You will not be disappointed with Total Home Improvement.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Discover Renovation,

Jamé Bolds, Lead Pastor

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